How to get rid of dandruff - my short story!

Before I start my story, if you are after a great resource for everything dandruff related, make sure you check out The site is a little amateur looking, but the information is pure gold! Now on to my story…

Personally for me, keeping it simple allowed me to get rid of dandruff for good. A lot of people suggest natural home remedies, now don’t get me wrong, some of these really do work. However if you can simply cure dandruff by using the right shampoos then I think that is by far the best option. You wash your hair anyway, so it’s not like it will take extra effort or time. For me, getting grid of dandruff was a simple as changing shampoos and using conditioner regularly (VERY IMPORTANT!). And no, I didn’t have just a couple of tiny flakes. I actually had quite a bad case of dandruff and was able to completely eliminate it. I used a strong shampoo named nizoral every second day, and every other day I changed to head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo. 


Now this step alone greatly reduced my dandruff. After about 5 days I noticed a huge improvement, however unfortunately it was not completely getting rid of the problem. I still had dandruff. What I discovered next is quite interesting. After some research on the internet, I found out that many well known dandruff shampoos actually dry your hair out! That’s right, whilst they do help fight dandruff, they also unfortunately cause dry skin in the process. And what does this do? It can actually cause more dandruff!

So it is sort of a catch 22. Your anti dandruff shampoo fights dandruff, but it also has the side affect of drying your scalp. Which in turn causes dandruff! So here is the solution…and it is EXTREMLY SIMPLE! Don’t stop using the anti dandruff shampoo, because it is half way there and it is working. Simply use the correct conditioner and use it regularly. Conditioner will moisturise your scalp and stop it going dry. And your anti dandruff shampoo will kill the dandruff. That is it! There is no other trick!

In regards to how often you need to use conditioner, well that is going to be up to you. If it isn’t working then that means you need to use it more often. If you want a list of recommended shampoos and conditioners you can find them by clicking here.

I’m not saying this is the only way, or the one correct way to fight dandruff. However I am telling you that this it what worked for me. If you are having dandruff issues, chances are, this may well work for you as well.


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Leading Causes of Dandruff

Before we can actually start to discuss how to get rid of dandruff, we need to know the reasons behind it. So of course we need to know, what actually causes dandruff? Once we know the answer to this question (or at least have some idea of possible causes)we can then start to take steps to get rid of dandruff and prevent it happening again in the future.

There is a range of causes for this annoying condition. However the leading cause is generally agreed upon as having skin that is too dry. If your skin is dry enough, then unfortunately it may well cause dandruff. People often have skin that is just naturally dry, and this may only be noticed as an issue when you start to notice dandruff on your hair or scalp. Whilst dry skin may well result in dandruff, having skin that is too oily can have the same affect.

So why does dry or oily skin lead to dandruff occurring?

The top layer of our skin is constantly being shed and replaced with new skin. This is completely natural and happens to everyone. At a normal or natural rate, this whole process goes completely unnoticed. Skin will flake off naturally and will be too small to even notice. However when your scalp is too dry or oily, this whole process becomes exacerbated. Instead of individual cells of skin shedding, cells may stick together causing large chunks of skin cells to shed at the one time. When this happens it may well be noticeable. Cosmetically, this will be worse if you have darker hair or are wearing dark clothing as it may fall onto your shoulders.

So now we know why and how it may occur. The question is, how do we stop this? How do we prevent or get rid of dandruff and keep it away for good? Stay tuned for the next post which will cover some simple and very effective ways to get rid of the condition.

Remember if you have a severe case of dandruff and it is starting to bother you a lot, it may be best to consult a doctor. 

Source: Better Health